These troop raids are side story line quests that you can participate in with your troop! The entrance is found in your Troop Hall.

Once the raid is started, there is a time limit to finish. There are 5 acts to go through and If you fail in one of the acts, you have to start back at the beginning. Those who do more damage get the better prizes at the end.

Only an Admin of the troop can start the engagement of a Raid. Keep an eye out for messages in your troop's chat about when raids will be started. Don't be afraid to request it to be opened!

High Tides. Low, Low Prices

Raid 1

Key Element to Beat: Water (Arrange your army to be strong against water types!)

Possible Prizes: 1 Freezaur (Super), 1 Super or Rare Puzzle Piece, or 1 Troglodyte (Uncommon)

Act 1: Frozen Out

  • Break down a wall of ice - 100,000 health

Act 2: Hippo Displacement

Act 3: The Dangers of Smoking Turtles

Act 4: Snowman's Land

Act 5: Freezrex: Beachfront Baron

The Quest for the Lost Kitty

Raid 2

Key Element to Beat: Leaf (Arrange your army to be strong against leaf types!)

Possible Prizes: 1 Yggdrassic (Super), 1 Super or Rare Puzzle Piece, 1 Rare egg, or 1 Leaffrog (Uncommon)

Act 1: The Overgrown Underbrush

Act 2: Bamboozled

Act 3: The Barked Path

Act 4: The Cat in the Tree Monster

Act 5: The World Monster Yggdrasaurus

Tacos are Awesome

Key Element to Beat: Fire (Arrange your army to be strong against fire types!)

Possible Prizes:

Act 1: A Surprisingly Precious Cargo

Act 2: One Taste and You're Hooked

Act 3: Remember the Tacalamo

Act 4: Burning Bridges

Act 5: Magmarog: A Man of Mild Tastes

Rock Monster of Ages

Hallmark the Occasion