Trading Monsters

You can trade monsters with other players via the Facebook applet. This can be a very useful way to get ingredients for evolution, get the passives or actives you want or to match zodiacs.

To trade, go to:

Once there, you and your friend can see each others inventories. Select the monster you want from your friend’s inventory and then the monster from your own you would like to offer in exchange. Then, once your friend approves your proposal, the trade will be complete.

You can make as many of these proposals as you like, but only two may be accepted per day, and to make your new monster appear in-game, you need to switch camps once for EACH new monster you receive.

There are other restrictions to trading as well. You can only trade with people who’ve been Battle Camp Pals for two weeks or more.

You can also only trade for a monster of the same rarity (so epics for epics, commons for commons). And each rarity requires you to reach a certain level first. See the table below:

Rarity Level Required
Common Lvl 15
Rare Lvl 20
Special Lvl 25
Super Lvl 30
Ultra Lvl 40
Epic Lvl 50
Legendary Lvl 55

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How many trades per day do I get?
    • A: You get 2. The trade timer resets at 12am GMT.
  • Q: When trading, it doesn't show all of my Monsters. Why is this?
    • A: Once you’ve sent a proposal, or have one sent to you, those Monsters are placed in a pending state until it’s been rejected or accepted. To clear out any pending proposals, click on the Notifications button in the trading portal, and then click Cancel Trade by hovering your mouse to the right of where it says “pending.”
  • Q: I sent a trade proposal to my friend, but I haven't gotten the Monster. Why not?
    • A: In order for you both to receive the Monsters, you’ll both need to restart the game, or change maps in the game for each trade you complete. Once you do, you should be able to see the new Monster.