The store is the center orange button on the bottom. It is the greatest strength and weakness of this game. The store is filled with GRAB machines. They're like roulette wheels- you spin it and get a prize. BUT, each spin costs gold coins, and a good amount of gold coins will cost you real money.

Event Grab

50 gold per spin

Your best shot at getting cool monsters! These monsters change depending on the event, so always keep any eye out!

Spin to get: Specials, Rares, Event Rares, Supers, Event Supers, Event Ultras, Ultras, Epics, and Event Epics

Cash Shop

Buy sale deals (coins plus bonus items) and gold coins using real money. 50 coins for 4.99 and up.

You can also get free gold here by visiting Tapjoy or Supersonic at the bottom of the page! Watch short clips for 1 gold coin or do other offers for more gold. Some offers may require purchase and/or subscriptions.

Ultimate Grab

50 gold per spin

Get Specials, Rares, Supers, Epics, and Ultras! All as eggs!

Monster Grab

5 gold per spin

This spin is the most common in the game. One free spin is sometimes given out at the end of quests, as prizes from the halls, or from daily quests. You can get: common, uncommon, rare, and super eggs, plus any of those as a puzzle piece.

Jewel Grab

50 gold per spin

Get jewels of any type!

Avatar Shop

Buy clothes and costumes for your avatar! This costs gold of different amounts depending on what you want to buy.

Looking to change your avatar's features? Face/skin/hair/color changes are free! Look for the hanger icon after clicking on the "Me" button. On the top right of the screen there is a little person face button. This leads you to the Closet for avatar customization.