Do you have an excess of lower rarity monsters laying around? If so, take them down to your Troop Hall’s salvage station to convert them into essence. Just tap the the monster you wish to salvage and then agree to the cost of stones.

Each rarity has its own type of essence, and with enough essence, you can craft a new monster of the next highest rarity. For example, you salvage Rares to make Rare Essence. With enough of that, you can craft a Super egg. From Super Essence, you can craft an Ultra Egg, and from Ultra Essence, you can craft an Epic egg.


Each monster you salvage has a chance to give you anywhere from 1-7 essence if it is not evolved, or can't evolve, and 2-14 essence if it has been evolved.

Rareessencebox Superessencebox Ultraessencebox


To craft a new egg, simply tap the salvage station, switch over to the crafting tab and swipe the screen to select the rarity of the egg you wish to create. It takes time to finish crafting the egg, but once it’s done you can claim it at the salvage station.

Egg Type Essence Cost Stone Cost Time

Superegg Super

115 Rareessencebottle 1000 Currency-Stones 1d
Ultraegg Ultra 100 Superessencebottle 5000 Currency-Stones


Epicegg Epic 90 Ultraessencebottle 9500 Currency-Stones 3d


Screenshot 2014-09-18-15-48-14 Screenshot 2014-09-18-15-48-20


-Salvaged monsters are completely and irretrievably destroyed. Make sure to only salvage monsters you don’t want.

-The image used to represent the salvage station has what appears to be a grinding apparatus, giving the illusion that salvaged monsters are ground down for their essence like jigsaw pieces in a wood chipper.