Feeding (or sometimes also called "fusion") is the act of sacrificing one or more monsters in order to increase the experience of another monster. You may feed up to 5 monsters at once to another monster. There is a cost in stones associated with feeding, determined by the level of the monster being fed. The higher the monster level, the more it costs per monster you wish to feed to it.

Special Monsters are a type of monster which are especially useful in the feeding process. They come with a trait that either doubles or triples the amount of experience they give to the fed monster.


Each monster fed costs an amount of stone according to the following formula:

lvl * 5 * n = total cost

Where lvl is the level of the monster being fed; and n is the number of monsters used in the feeding.

Some example costs:

Fed Monster Level


Stone Per Monster

Total for 5



5 stones

25 stones


10 stones

50 stones


25 stones

125 stones


50 stones

250 stones


100 stones

500 stones


200 stones

1000 stones


  • Use monsters of the same element as the monster being fed for 30% more experience.
  • Experience gained is equal to the monster's feed value multiplied by it's level, so high level monsters yield more experience.
  • Level up lower level monsters before using them to feed your higher level monsters in order to save on the cost of stones per feeding.
  • As mentioned earlier, Special Monsters have abilities which multiply experience gained.