There are 5 areas in which events take place. Each area has its particular event(s).

Each section below describes the type of event(s) for a particular area. While there are no changes for the first two areas, in the other three, there seems to be a rotation of the bosses.

General Rules:

A boss can be engaged when a certain number of Tokens or Event Specials have been donated to the boss.

There are different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme , ?

Each time you defeat a boss, it's health increases as well as the number of items to donate.

Halfway the event, a boss can get enraged. An enraged boss has more health, deals more damage but gives out the double amount of trophies.

Troop Wars

Troop Wars

Troop Wars

This is the only event without a boss. Troops fight each other at specific times in a one hour battle round. The aim is to deal the most damage (and earn the most trophies) within the given time.

First defeat the opponent's troop pet and then attack the flag. The Flag gives the double amount of Trophies.

PvP Fort

A player versus player event, battle against other players live and earn League Tokens to trade for apparel, monsters and more.

To join, a bet must first be placed upon speaking to the Ranger in the fort. The aim is to either beat the opponent or to deal the most damage within the time limit. If victorious a reward is given to the player.

This event can be played outside of event times, however the player will only earn rewards placed in the bet, and will not earn any League Tokens.

Celestial Towers

Climb up the Sun and Moon Towers to win Sun Emblems and Moon Emblems, the higher the floor the more prizes a player can win at once. Each floor typically drops Trophies, Stones, and Emblems. Occasionally Event Tokens are dropped and can be used to Trade with Shelldon at the Celestial Towers.

The Emblems must be donated to the Tower Warden in order to engage battle, the difficulty of the Tower Warden can be selected before battle; easy, medium, hard or extreme. Sometimes the boss becomes Enraged, which doubles the trophies earned upon its defeat.

Aztec token-72x70 Sun Emblem     Greek token-72x70  Moon Emblem

Other members of a Troop can help donate Emblems to the Tower Warden, and can also help engage in battle with the boss. Once the Tower Warden is defeated each player receives Trophies, which determines the player's Individual ranking and the Troop's ranking in the event. Once the event ends each player receives their respective prizes according to their rank.

River Crossing

List of Events in River Crossing:

Reeking Havoc

RC Reeking Havoc

Reeking Havoc

Peta Pan and Wendy say we’re spoiling this natural, untouched paradise. They've made a base in River Crossing where they conspire to poison people and drive them off the island. And we can’t stop Peta Pan because he has the ultimate protection: raw stink. He won’t pollute bathwater, so his stench makes even our toughest Rangers weep into their hankies.

Luckily, monsters have stolen the Baking Soda from Wendy's bakery. Battle monsters to gather as much of that Baking Soda as you can to absorb that stink shield, defeat Peta Pan and save the Outsiders.

Earn Trophies by battling Peta Pan and Wendy

Monsterpiece Theatre

RC Monsterpiece Theatre

Monsterpiece Theatre

Earn Trophies by battling Demona Lisa and Punkin.

  • Battle Monsters in order to battle Punkin.
  • Gather Muffles by defeating Punkin or random drop in regular monster battles.
  • Donate a sufficient number of Muffles to Demona Lisa to engage battle.

Winter Peak

List of Events in Winter Peak:

WP Rockalypse



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