Boss 0

Each of the locations (except Spring Cleaning) has a boss monster! Not to be confused with the Boss Monsters in the Battle Halls or Troop Raids. They're not part of any of the quests in the location, but they are there for you to battle and win FULL monsters and more!

Choose easy, medium, or hard levels for each-- more prizes are added the harder you go.

You can only battle ONE boss a day (on a 24hr count down), but it doesn't cost any energy to fight!

Add to our list of mystery egg prizes you've won!

Boss Name Element Location Mystery Egg Prizes!
Boss 1
Abyssion Air Camp Rare: Twooster, Discoprancer, Serpyre, Rockhead, Leafmur, Hippocrush, Stormwolf, Slyclone, Mudball
Boss 2
Killa Bullrilla Teepee Hollow
Boss 3-0
Spitfire Fire Turtle Falls